Tapana Liveaboard



Cruising Durations : 4 Days 5 Nights
Dives: 15 dives
Port : Sea Trans Pier
Hin Daeng
is known for it’s highest vertical wall in Thailand’s seas with lush red soft coral. Manta rays are commonly found here. Hin Muang, located close to Hin Daeng, features large underwater pinnacles, huge shoals of fish and massive purple soft corals. Also known as a second home in Thailand for Whale Sharks.
Koh Ha Yai
highlight is a series of caves. These caves allow you to surface inside to view stalactites hanging down from the ceiling.
Phi Phi Island
offering good adventure with walls, caves and caverns.
Koh Bida Nok
features seafans, sea whips and soft corals alongside Scorpionfish. You’ll see many Leopard Sharks here.
King Cruiser Wreck
the King Cruiser was a ferry that sunk in 1997 due to navigational error (without loss of life). A large variety of marine life has been attracted to the wreck.
Anemone Reef
is completely covered in green, pink and brown sea anemones and gorgonian sea fans. Lionfish can often be seen here in large numbers.
Tapana Liveabord